State of things (Sep 2023)

State of things (Sep 2023)

I’m unmuddling my brain by laying out the status of everything I’m working on, just before I pop out to San Francisco for a bit.


This is the main focus of my life at the moment, and one of my more popular projects, so I’ll be generous with word count here.

Work on 0.3 is well underway. I’m currently focusing on how best to move away from garbage collection to manual, explicit destruction that helps statically enforce more guarantees about code, and helps manage the heaps of objects that Fusion code creates without passing on that burden to developers.

In the background, I’ve got other things on my mind - in order of priority:

I’ll elaborate on the last point a bit. I could imagine Fusion, instead of being a monolithic project, instead being a bundle of related modules. Pehaps at the extreme end of modularisation (and including a few hypothetical additions), it’d look like this as it grows:

I won’t comment on how many of those hypothetical modules are unannounced research projects of mine. :)


Work on 3.1 is mostly paused at the moment. I’m still not entirely sure what the best colour scheme for icons is right now. I’d like to get around to releasing the commercial version eventually, but I’m sorting through legal/licensing stuff and need to figure out how I should be massaging the raw project files into something more distributable and useful.

Elttob Suite

A while back I made the call to tie the Elttob Suite into my Fusion and Vanilla work. It’s currently waiting on some of the Fusion tech to mature before I start work on updated versions of my plugins. They’ll be more polished and interactive than ever since I hope to no longer waste so much time on logistical work.

I have some really cool prototypes for new plugins that I would love to share in a fully fledged product soon. I have ideas for many more. I look forward to the day that this new technology stack is mature enough that I can easily work on all of them with unprecedented new velocity, but right now it’s still a touch too underbaked for the level of tomfoolery I’m going to be doing. I’ve got some visionary stuff in the works here, at risk of hyping it up too much.

I’m thinking of making dev tools for Fusion part of the Elttob Suite. They’d share the same tech as the other Suite plugins, and be specifically focused on adding DX quality-of-life features for working with Fusion code. I’ve already hinted at a few tools I’ve been working on in the past, but nothing to report here on those efforts.

In parallel, I’ve been working on other stuff for the Suite:

We’ll see how those things go.