Trying out 'mass-towed-on'

Trying out 'mass-towed-on'

I don’t like Musk, so in an act of self love, I’m gonna start peeling away from their birdsite.

I can’t leave Twitter fully of course, because Roblox developers don’t seem to be moving over at the moment in any notable numbers. However, a fair number of accounts I care about have moved over in other areas. So my plan is to just hang out on Mastodon primarily from now on, and dip in to Roblox Twitter / any other Twitters whenever I need to. I’ll also switch over the comments URL for these posts to live on Mastodon, too.

This is an experiment. Every other time I’ve used Mastodon it hasn’t really worked out because I haven’t built up any social graph for myself. Now that I’ve ported over as much of it as I can, maybe it’ll be different.

We’ll re-evaluate at some point maybe.

Anyway, I’m - if it works out, I’ll consider maybe hosting my own instance here on, but no promises.