Shipping code is fun

Shipping code is fun

Yesterday I brought this blog online for the first time. Today I’ve been filling in CSS holes, fixing bugs and bringing over an old post.

There was an issue on the homepage where Firefox users would see my head appear a little to the left of where it should have. For Safari users, the entire subtitle fell down and crashed into the post list. Fun times! It’s fixed now.

Porting over my old ‘metatables suck’ post gave me a good opportunity to figure out where my CSS was lacking, properly finish my code block styling, and trial run how longform blog posts look. At the moment I’m currently running about 100 characters per line - a bit longer than what’s normally recommended, but perhaps that’s fine for technical writing.

Either way, I’m loving the ability to be able to finally ship what I want, in whatever style I want. We’ll see what it’s like once the honeymoon period is over.

By the way, you might notice ‘Comments’ links at the top and bottom of posts. I currently just plan to link these to Twitter threads where discussions can happen, but if things change down the line it should be a neat place to put a dedicated talk page.

Something I want to experiment with down the line is some kind of micro-article feature - it’d be nice to just be able to push a thought out without having to write a complete blog post. It’d keep me off Twitter, too, and that can only be good for my limited focus.