So I have a blog now

So I have a blog now

Twitter seems to be folding in on itself at the moment; might not be a good hedge to keep all my writings on there. I do have a Medium page, but Medium is getting a bad rep due to a few questionable writers on there. So now I’m here.

I’m kind of tired of depending on corporations, to be honest. I’m not some idiotic free speech nut who thinks there’s some secret conspiracy to shut down blatantly neo-Nazi shit, of course; I just don’t want to be the pawn in meeting room games of increasing shareholder profits year over year. So instead of going off to get some middle man to provide easy web software, I’ve used my own two hands to build a static Jekyll blog to my exact specification, and host it on GitHub. You can add this website to your RSS/Atom reader if you’d like.

I like this. It’s a quieter corner of the internet. By design, I’ve made this website feel clean and empty of stuff; no sidebars shouting at you with algorithmic trends or social information, just the content you actually came here for, and an intellectual, respectful setting to consume it in. There wasn’t much to design, but nonetheless I’ve paid extra attention to make it all feel well put together and pleasant. Also a great opportunity to trial run Rasmus Andersson’s new Inter Display font variant.

Beyond that though, it liberates my writing from the normal limitations of homogenised social media. This is HTML and CSS! It’s practically a digital blank slate upon which I can do anything. If I’m trying to explore or explain an idea, for example, I can build the perfect visualisation or interactive demo and embed it directly into the post if I wanted to spend time doing that. I’ll probably mostly stick to dead tree stuff though - photos and code snippets are often enough.

So, welcome to Technical Fluff. I think this could be fun occasionally.

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